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Competency development advisor - вакансия 199885

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Дата обновления: 01.08.2019

Город: Атырау

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Build Competency in HES Organization


Build a HES development program that will improve HES competency and capability in the field. Opportunities include:

• IIF Development (Coaching / Leading IIF)

• Fatality Prevention Programming Development

• Leadership Skills Development (PBL / DCOM)

• MSW Coaching Techniques

In partnership with JMJ, build competency in IIF Champions

In partnership with JMJ, identify competency development opportunities for BP IIF champions. Examples could include:

• IIF development opportunities (4 R’s / Coaching IIF)

• MSW Coaching Techniques.

• Performance Based Leadership / DCOM training

• Leadership Skills Development Training

Build Leadership Engagement fluency in FGP and BP leaders (How to perform effective engagements)

Provide Leaders the necessary guidance, training to help them better understand both how to perform a quality engagement.

• Verification and Validation (V&V)

• Control Of Work (COW)

• Incident and Injury Free (IIF)

Help leaders understand how the data that is entered in the OE Assurance Interface is used to proactively identify where opportunities exist. Make this information available to leaders.

BP Train the Trainer Competency

Assure competency of those Business Partners trainers who have been qualified to deliver FGP specific training and assess workforce. Examples include:

• Fatality Prevention Training (Start Work Checks; span of control etc.)

• Permit to work supplement training

• WRP Competency Assessments

• WAH Practical Training

Note: Position will coordinate / validate these efforts, and not certify the BP Trainers.

Stewarding Fatality Prevention Competency Programming

• Coordinate with Base Business on Shared competency programs

• FGP Point of contact for Fatality Prevention competency programming requirements (WRP / PIC / WAH)

• Partner with JMJ and identify workforce competency improvement opportunities relating to IIF and fatality prevention programming.

Data Analysis

Utilize Data Platforms to identify competency gaps and common trends across Project Teams and their Business Partners.

MSW Coaches Data

Develop fluency in the OE assurance Interface tool and interpret MSW Coaching data. Look for competency gaps in Business Partners application of Managing Safe Work. Work with Business Partners Leadership, Contract Owners, HES, IIF Team to


address these gaps and ensure mitigation plans are put in place. Compare MSW coaching data with V&V data and look for common trends.

V&V and Control of Work

Interpreting V&V and Control of work Data to identify trends and competency gaps. Work with Business Partners Leadership, Contract Owners, HES, IIF Team to address these gaps and ensure mitigation plans are put in place. Compare V&V and COW data with MSW coaching data and look for common trends

IIF Data (Pulse Surveys / Champions feedback)

Working in partnership with JMJ, identify competency improvement opportunities by interpreting pulse survey data across Project Teams, and gathering workforce feedback through IIF Champions Networks


• Using Control or Work, MSW and V&V data, position will develop data driven reports that provide Project Management with a high-level overview of where opportunities may exist.

• Position will provide leadership with status updates on Fatality Prevention programming compliance e.g. WRP and PIC competency progress.

Assuring Business Partners application of Competency Programing for high risk work activities

Assuring and verifying Business Partner Competency Programs are in place and workers are trained and competent to perform their roles. Examples include WAH competency programs; Lifting and Rigging Competency Programs; Isolation of Hazardous Energy; Electrical; Confined Space Entry. MSW coaching and V&V / COW of work data can be used to assess effectiveness in Business Partners field application.

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