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Field Marketing Manager Kazakhstan & Central Asia - вакансия 130294

Ред Булл Украина

Дата обновления: 16.05.2018

Город: Алматы

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:

The Field Marketing Manager (FMM) is responsible for building the local face of Red Bull in their field in the most relevant way and in line with the global and national strategies and priorities. They build strong local networks including opinion-leaders and key influencers both online (social media) and offline. They create and implement marketing initiatives in the four key pillars of the marketing mix (Consumer Collecting, Sports, Culture and Communications) leveraging On Premise, Off Premise and non-traditional opportunities and encompassing local needs and specific and therefore impacting the heart of local consumers, ultimately leading to the successful development of the business. The Field Marketing Manager is constantly out ‘in the field’ to make things happen, this is not an ‘office’ job.


  • Ideally 3 years marketing experience preferably in sports/events or culture marketing or in the field.
  • Minimum 3 years experience of line management with expertise in hiring, training, administration and motivating teams.
  • Ideally, experience in working with commercial teams – general sales or trade marketing.
  • Proven background in negotiation and management of budgets.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • A ‘connector’ who has excellent communication and networking skills, who can open doors and excite people of an idea.
  • Strong ‘can do’ attitude, strives for perfection and love for the detail in every project.
  • A continual understanding of consumer trends and insights (digital, trends, University life, moving patterns).
  • A creative marketer with depth in brand understanding, innovation at the heart who puts new ideas into practice fast.
  • Strong understanding of youth culture in sports & culture in the region.
  • Strong planning and project management skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, orally and in writing, including presenting and training abilities, and the ability to seamlessly blend in with a diverse audience.
  • Ability to multi-task and work in cross-functional teams with different objectives and personalities.


Strategic Direction and Rightness of Brand Priorities

  • Infuse global and national Red Bull priorities, strategies and the Red Bull philosophy in the field focusing on building a local face of our global brand.
  • Ensure top-notch understanding of the consumer in various fields across the region which forms the basis of local idea generation and execution.
  • Define ideas and programs which build brand image and increase understanding of the product functionality on a local level (working closely with National Marketing Specialists).
  • Be the regional intelligence, sharing market insights (consumer insights, competitors, etc.) with the national team.
  • Work in conjunction with the regional sales team to build mental availability hand in hand with the physical availability within On Premise, Off Premise and non-traditional environments and ensuring the product is at arms reach in every field marketing activity.
  • Deliver the annual approved business plan for the region.
  • Drive relevance across a variety of consumption occasions and moments of need through tailored messaging, amplification of occasion campaigns and activating the right big moments in the region.
  • Set the regional communication strategy together with national specialists based on national programs and regional priorities in order to boost local output.
  • Work cross-functionally, managing internal & external requests in line with the annual business plan priorities.

Premium Appeal of Local Pride

  • Create and support local key events, scenes and marketing opportunities in line with Red Bull brand values and relevant to the local consumer and media landscape, with a focus on participation.
  • Ensure that every consumer experience with the brand is a positive one thanks to love for the detail and premium execution at events and all other field marketing activities.
  • Always have the “consumer” and “brand” eye in every single initiative and ensure we talk to the consumer in the most effective and efficient way with a strong focus on digital & social media, while ensuring that all the communication stays within the brand equity.
  • Add value to selective 3rd party events by determining the appropriate level of Red Bull brand support & branding with the objective of increasing brand visibility and product usage in relevant scenes.
  • Build a top-notch network and sustainable relationships with the key influencers of the region (local authorities, local sport and cultural opinion leaders relevant to our target, entrepreneurial and start-up communities, media outlets (TV, radio, print, digital and social media)).
  • Incorporate Red Bull athlete activations in your plans and build smart 360 plans to amplify reach.
  • Continually re-apply global, national and regional best practices when and where it makes sense.
  • Drive tune-ins for Red Bull TV by identifying the right opportunities and contribute ideas & concepts that can be broadcast.
  • Foster a premium and aspirational local face of the brand on Red Bull’s local social media owned channels.
  • Leverage the Event Vehicle program in the right way to excite & surprise consumers.

Marketing Innovation

  • Understand the latest generational trends by being close to our consumers and talking to our networks in the different scenes.
  • Involve the local team in idea generation for the field and capitalize on their personal university lifestyle to identify technology / digitally / socially driven consumer trends early.
  • Create new and innovative ideas that bring the brand to life, tapping into local networks, scenes and opinion-leaders, and execute these ideas with the right balance between the 4 pillars of the marketing mix, based on the knowledge and ownership of your region and the global and national priorities.
  • Ensure digital and social media sit at the heart of every field marketing activity.
  • Identify and selectively support cross-marketing opportunities (with sales, marketing & Red Bull Media House).

Organizational Capabilities and Enabling Structure

  • Act as a role model and display the Red Bull values with a consistent tone of voice that is motivating and inspiring.
  • Source, hire, train and manage Field Marketing Specialists who fit the brand, have a Red Bull attitude and perfectly fit the field scenes.
  • Coach FMSs in sourcing, hiring and training their Student Brand Managers and Wings and approve every hiring personally.
  • Set regional objectives and clear goals for FMSs to ensure accountability to their key deliverables and conduct on-going, mid-year and end of year performance evaluations.
  • Provide on-going coaching and support to ensure FMSs achieve their deliverables.
  • Regularly assess and identify development needs of the FMS working closely with the Head of Field to help make it happen.
  • Identify and nurture key talent for the potential space-to-shine opportunity.
  • Train the regional team (including sales) on necessary brand strategies and relevant execution guidelines.
  • No regretted losses in the field marketing team and encourage internal promotions.

Driving Efficiencies

  • Implement and uphold a clean logistical system for warehousing and infrastructure to ensure having the right tools and management in place to support the local needs, succeeding in premium appearance.
  • Develop and manage the regional budget with the support of the line manager and national specialists.
  • Constantly identify cost saving opportunities and other efficiencies for the company in the region.
  • Manage field expenses and general administration.
  • Build smart and mutually beneficial partnerships by working with other brands, organizations and networks that bring added value such as expertise, networks, goods, budget or facilities.
  • Outsource local media-related activities to the right regional experts to maximize outcome.
  • Coordinate with agencies and specialized companies when outsourcing event logistics.

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