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Mechanical Commissioning Engineer - вакансия 272513

Дата обновления: 16.10.2020

Город: Атырау

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:

Mechanical Commissioning Engineer

Тенгиз 28/28

Responsibilities :

  • Planning, Execution, Control of all activities like Test pack and Test equipment preparation.
  • Planning, Execution, Control of all activities like Pneumatic testing, Hydro testing, Watering, Dewatering, pressurizing, Depressurizing etc of pipeline of different material like, SS, CS(Corrosion resistance alloy lined/cladded inside),LTCS, Nickel alloy and GRE carrying hydrocarbon at high pressure range, in compliance with Project specification, International codes and Project HSE plan.
  • Communicates and interfaces with other engineering disciplines, Coordination with Pipe engineers, QA/QC and HSE team in the organization and those of client for related activities.
  • Attending/generating punch points as a part of mechanical completion activities. Confirm there are no category A punch list items.
  • Preparation of redline drawings to accommodate changes/modifications during various stage of commissioning
  • Monitor work permit issuances and check strict implementation of all safety requirements during testing & pre-commissioning works.
  • Review of Commissioning Mechanical and Piping Package and check the limit of test pack.
  • Prepare input to relevant As built documents.
  • Confirm all valves are set to the pre- test position shown in the system P&ID limits.
  • Isolation Hand Valves have been set in positions specified by the checklist prior to the test.
  • Verify that all instruments have been installed, tested and connected.
  • Check pipeline hangers and supports for any damages and possibility for movement on sliding supports.
  • All necessary blinds have been installed as per isolation plan. Confirm all spectacle blinds and temporary commissioning spades are in the pre-test position shown in the system P&ID limits.
  • Ensure direction and location of check valves do not interfere with pressuring or DE pressuring the system.
  • Do line walk and final inspection in preparation for testing.
  • Execution and inspection on hydrotest, pneumatic test and leak test.
  • Check flange connections for leaks, if leaks are found, bleed off pressure, repair the leaks, and build up pressure again.
  • Reinstall package and submit to pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.
  • Identify restrains on the progress of pre-commissioning work in order to provide timely resolution and/or to minimize disruption.
  • Review mechanical completion packages. Prepare pre-commissioning and commissioning schedules as per system priority based on commissioning matrix.
  • Perform the lube oil flushing of cooling water pumps, boiler feed water pump, boiler fuel gas recirculation fan, gas turbine, bog booster compressors, air compressor, oxidation compressors, C2 treater compressor and nitrogen make up compressor.
  • Perform catalyst loading for the vessels with complete safety precautions and safe practices, level to level inspection for ceramic balls, catalyst and final box up with vendor and client.
  • Perform early punch listing on equipment and associated pipelines prior to pre-commissioning of each system to affect minimal rework later in the project like pre-hydro punching.
  • Proper installation of all missing plant items as reflected on punch lists.
  • Conduct tightness test on each line system and verify the occurrence of leaks.
  • Ensure isolation and purging according to the safety procedure in case that system, facility or unit is subjected for maintenance or repairs.
  • Perform mechanical check-up, wheel alignment, run-in of pumps, blower, fan and associated equipment. Ensure plant safety regulations and company policies are adhered to including Permit to Work and Isolation and Depressurization Procedures.
  • Make daily planning to meet the commissioning time schedule. Prepares progress reports on all commissioning activities

Requirements :

- Bachelor’s Degree

- Minimum experience 5-7 years

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