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RA Supervisor - Fabrication (RA Level 3) - вакансия 125850

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Дата обновления: 05.04.2018

Город: Атырау

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:


Job Title:

RA Supervisor - Fabrication (RA Level 3)

rotational - 28/28

KZ Nationals only

Location: Aktau

  • Purpose and role of position:
    • Set up Regulatory affairs strategy and procedures, resource plan for Fabrication Scope.
    • Manage all 15 Strategic and Tactical documents in RA Document Hierarchy, including ensuring full alignment with RA Strategies and 1-RA Policies (include issue for use at DCC’s U level with proper three party RA signatures)
    • Responsibilities for RoK Regulatory Compliance of Company’s and Contractor’s as built documentation and records for current scope.
    • Manage the Technical Supervision and Author Supervision scope, recourses, and deliverables.
    • First line cooperation with external and internal project stakeholders to ensure that FRB, MC+, CMC contain sufficient amount of information and comply to RoK norm and standard to secure Project Facility Acceptance.
    • Interface with Fabrication and RA Management relating to key aspect of the process.

  • Reports to: Reporting indirectly to the Fabrication Delivery Team Manager (Mark Allen) and directly to the RA Onshore Compliance Manager
  • While performing one’s function shall be guided by:
    • This Job Description
    • RoK laws and regulations
    • Safety Program
    • Internal work regulations
    • Collective Agreement, procedures, policies, and instructions
    • Concepts of Operational Excellence
  • If absent, his/her job functions to be performed by: RA Specialist
  • Job functions and duties assigned are as follows:

    Job Functions and Responsibilities


    • Effectively develop and implement the WPMP project RA Strategy on Project Fabrication Sites by taking in account:
    • RoK Legislation requirements.
    • Contractual Conditions
    • Multicultural environment
    • Author and Technical Supervision involvement.
    • Avoid cost and schedule impact
    • Alignment with stakeholders located in various location
    • Integration into the international experience and practice

    • Set up and manage Technical Supervision Strategy and Process at Fab yards.
    • Develop tools and processes to ensure that FRB contains sufficient level of documentation to demonstrate design and quality compliance as the RoK technical regulation.
    • Set up transition, handover, interim acceptance processes of Fabrication RA deliverables, including TS, AS, Contractors and other.
    • Ensure that RA section of the Fabrication contactors contract are met project expectation and arrange review cycle if required.
    • Responsible for internally and externally alignment of key Fabrication Contactor’s and supplier’s regulatory affairs deliverables
    • Responsible to budgeting planning, utilization of existing and planned RA support and TS contracts, SO, CTR, Invoices, reporting and auditing.
    • Develop and coordinate review cycle, personally review of the Key RA Documents relating to the fabrication scope.
    • Coordinate of RoK Endorsement of Processes covering Fab scope, liaison with KPJV. Engineering and Project Management, KDI, and other stakeholders.
    • Arrange timely review by Fab RA team, company’s and contractor’s inspection and testing plan and identify RA requirement: acts, protocols, logs, check sheets, permits, certificates, orders and other documentation.
    • Regular liaison with other teams within the project based in the UK and RoK regarding certification, testing & any other issues arising during Fabrication process;
    • Coordinate the Author Supervision process execution on site, site involvement, inspection points, manage the NFI, deliverables and potential issues.
    • To support material and equipment certification process;
    • Responsible for the arranging workshops, management and other meetings

    • Overseeing the Contractor RA team located at different fab yards.
    • Regulatory evaluation of documentation provided by suppliers during PR’s and PO’s preparation process;
    • Ensure provision of proper and relevant act, protocols, issuance of as built documentation during commissioning and testing on site.
    • Monitoring availability of all required Custom Clearance documentation for material & equipment delivered;
    • Providing assistance to Contractor on preparation of documentation related to testing and certification;
    • Key Interfaces with Contractor and Company’s site team management including QA/QC, Site Engineering, Certification, DCC, 3-rd party inspectors relating to the implementation and monitoring of the RA processes.
    • Proactive interface with the Commissioning, QA/QC, Fabrication and any other teams in order to ensure that all the Module Fabrication documentation and records are properly uploaded into the Electronic Document Management System
    • Manage of all Compliance Quires (CQ’s) arising from the Contractor during Module Fabrication process;


    Personnel and Organizational Capability

    • Implement efficient RA strategy and processes and mechanism to support team effort.
    • On time day to day support of Fabrication Management with RoK legislation requirements and interpretation.
    • Enable a positive team, project, and Company reputation through positive visible representation with all stakeholders.
    • Maintain high standards of attitude and behavior throughout the site and offsite acting as a role model for other members of staff and local employees.
    • Ensure management of work/life balance amongst Delivery team.


    Technical / Project Management / Interface

    • Fabrication , Project and RA Management
    • Contractors appointed RA person and other


    Key Interfaces

    • Yard Fabrication team
    • Offshore RA team – Farnborough, Italy, Korea.
    • Technical and Author Supervision home organizations.


  • [Job holder is] Entitled to:

    3.1 Familiarize with draft decisions of management concerning issues within his/her scope.

    3.2 Submit to management any job improvement proposals related to duties under this Job Description.

    3.3 Enjoy safe and healthy working conditions.

    3.4 In due order request and receive information and documents from management and other specialists as may be required to perform own job duties.

  • [Job holder is] Responsible for:

    4.1 Nonperformance or improper performance, quality and timeliness of duties assigned under this Job Description within the limits of applicable labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    4.2 Compliance with labor and performance discipline, health and safety requirements, and fire safety regulations.

    4.3 Safekeeping of service documentation (files) and compliance with confidentiality provisions as related to any data disclosed in the line of own job duties.

    4.4 Compliance with internal Company regulations, rules, and policies.

    4.5 Timely reporting to immediate superior on any potential or identified risks for Company/organization unit.

  • Material loss (damage) caused to Company through own actions (omission) and related to performance of own job duties.

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