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Contracts Administrator - вакансия 288242

Дата обновления: 05.04.2021

Город: Атырау

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:

  • Perform functional duties in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with the Company's instructions, orders, and prescriptions within its competence, without industrial accidents.
  • The employee holding this position

    The list can change depending on the priorities and needs of the project when an employee joins the project.

    • Development and implementation of a strategy for contractual work and cost control in the company

    • Maintaining general contracts

    • Maintenance of all construction and installation work contracts

    • Maintenance of all service contracts for services in support of construction and installation works

    • Keeping records of financial performance of contracts and budget

    • Control of costs of projects and activities of the company, including general and daily control of costs. Cost control reporting

    • Compilation of databases of base rates of the company, calculation of unit rates

    • Preparation of tender proposals and their commercial part

    • Preparation and substantiation of claims to the Client regarding the increase in cost and terms

    • Control and verification of incoming invoices

    • Comply with the internal rules and regulations of the Company;

    • Complies with internal rules and regulations of labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation, and fire protection;

    • Ensures the observance of cleanliness and order in his workplace;

    • Carries out one-time service assignments and orders of the immediate supervisor.


Qualifications and work experience

An employee holding this position must have:

• Professional education in the relevant field

• 1-3 years of practical experience in the relevant field

• Attention to detail and result-oriented approach to work

• Conscientious and responsible

Required skills and abilities:

• Quality of work: accuracy, precision, thoroughness, the efficiency of the work done.

• Scope of work: the amount of work performed regularly; speed and consistency.

• Problem solving / judgment: the ability to observe, think critically and solve problems using data processing skills, analytical skills, interpretation, and judgment skills.

• Teamwork: Demonstrating commitment to the team and the ability to work successfully with others, adding value to the team.

• Information and communication: business and effective communication with a wide range of people on various topics for the purpose of communicating information, teaching, or influencing them. Processes and provides data that meets the requirements of the Company.

• Customer focus: the ability to identify, meet and sometimes exceed the needs and expectations of (internal/external) customers, leading to (long-term) customer satisfaction.

• Planning and organization: the ability to prioritize and define activities, time and resources (tools, software, people, budget) to achieve the goals defined within the scope of work.

• Flexibility: the ability to be flexible, responsive, adaptive, and proactive in times of change and opportunity.

• HSE work: has HSE knowledge and skills required for work, demonstrates appropriate behavior.

An employee holding this position should know:

• Methodological materials required for work in their specialty;

• Rules and regulations of labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection.


Rotational 28/28 in Atyrau with a subsequent move to Tengiz

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