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Instrument Fire & Gas Technician - вакансия 251082

Дата обновления: 10.06.2020

Город: Атырау

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:

Carry out commissioning of various instruments related to Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) and calibration checks of Fire & Gas detection systems, fire extinguishing systems, public address systems, CCTV systems, weather monitoring stations, industrial communication systems and weighing bridge/ scale in accordance with established schedules and procedures/ instructions, including calibration of transmitters, limit switches, flow meters, test equipment or any other related jobs as directed by the F&G specialist.

• Carries out systematic function test, calibration and repair of various types of combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors, flame detectors, smoke detectors, horns, beacons, speakers, F&G controllers, Weather stations, Safety & environment sections portable equipment and informs any serious abnormalities as observed to F&G specialist for his advice and direction. Cleaning & painting of F&G system

• Installation, inspection, testing and calibration of F&G detection/ alarm and control systems

• Troubleshoot and repair F&G alarm systems

• Perform inspection and testing as per Standard requirements

• Coordinate with engineers to carryout modifications on F&G systems, industrial communication systems and equipment in plant as directed and in accordance with the modification sheets provided to him with detailed drawing to enhance the efficiency of equipment/ plant

• Contractor personnel shall be able to use and maintain all type of testing and calibration of instrument used

• Record and evaluate test data

• Read and interpret F&G detection system drawings and various codes

• Use and care for tools and equipment employed to perform calibration, testing and repair

• Working in compliance with the company work policy

• Carries out loop checking, measures voltage, current, resistance and all other electrical parameters as and when required

• Documenting inspection, testing, repair and failure data within the company adopted database system

• Checks all security systems and related alarms including trouble shooting and diagnosis of routine/ emergency breakdowns

• Participate in the shutdown operations as per defined procedures and standards and in line with HSE guidelines

• Attend to plant emergencies under the direction of the Automation Supervisor

• Maintain logbook on maintenance tasks carried out in order to facilitate timely information availability and ready referencing

• Provides ideas for continual improvement and reports any near misses noticed

• Assist in the preparation of timely & accurate departmental statements and reports to meet and Department requirements, policies & standards

• Ensure all relevant quality, health, safety and environmental procedures, instructions & controls are adhered to so that the safety of employees, quality of products/services and environmental compliance can be guaranteed

• Performs other similar duties such as observing safety rules and regulations, follow quality procedures as prescribed, maintaining of good housekeeping on sites, substations and workshop

• The F&G technician shall wok in accordance with strict system guidelines, established procedures, standard practices, brief notes or detailed instructions. Work is usually monitored by F&G supervisor

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