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Junior Process Engineer (Aksai) - вакансия 281155

Дата обновления: 15.01.2021

Город: Аксай

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:

English: Upper-Intermediate - Intermediate

Work schedule 5/2



The Job Position of Process Engineer covers the following main functions:

1. Performance of works on designing.

2 Development of technical studies , performance of technological processes during pre-design survey, detailed design.

3 Resolution of technical issues inside his discipline in adherence to project procedures and design requirements.

4 Interface with other disciplines in order to agree and develop common design philosophies and documents.

Job duties:

In order to execute the assigned duties Process Engineer is obliged to: 1. On the basis of newest scientific – technical achievement, advanced local and foreign experience of project, construction and exploiting of facilities as well as using of automation equipment for project, develop separate, special sections (parts) of the project.

2. Participate in working up of assignments, tasks for developing of project decisions.

3. Participate in collecting of basic data for project, in solving of technical questions on assigned facilities, objects during all period of construction project, putting into operation of the object and opening up of designed capacity.

4. Coordinate the decisions made with project, design decisions on other sections (parts) of the project.

5. Provide compliance of the projects developed and technical documentation with standards, technical conditions and other normative documents on project, design and construction as well as with work request on them.

6. Executes author supervision on construction of the projected objects, facilities, consults on the questions within his competence.

7. Participate in analyzing and summarizing of experience in working out of projects and in their implementation, realization in the construction on the basis of which is to prepare proposals on practicability of the general and principle decisions made.

8. Take part in preparation of requests on inventions, preparation of estimates, conclusions as well as references on to innovation proposals, projects of standards, technical conditions and other normative documents, in work of seminars and conferences.

9 Execute technical activities including process calculations and simulation (i.e. equipment sizing according to international standards, line sizing, blowdown requirement, PSV and flow orifice sizing),

10 Give support for multidisciplinary activities (e.g. plot plans review, specification for Package, P&IDs mechanization)

11. Take part in preparation of the process documentation (i.e. functional and technical specifications, lists, process data sheets, material selection and equipment list, PFD/UFD, Heat Material Balance, P&ID’s) and the support to the Client during the equipment purchasing phase (i.e. technical offers alignment, technical evaluation, equipment follow-up). Experienced with the use of calculation software (ie Hysis).

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