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Process Engineer - вакансия 131369


Дата обновления: 22.05.2018

Город: Атырау

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:

Job Accountabilities:

The primary accountabilities for the job holder are:

As an experienced Process Engineer, supports Team Lead by

? Guiding team’s technical work under general direction from the team lead.

? Confirms Facilities operating envelopes are defined, current

? Confirms that equipment is operating inside the equipment design envelopes.

? Generates opportunities to optimize throughput of production streams

? Generates opportunities to optimize energy and resources utilization (heat, power and water).

? Investigates process flow assurance issues, process control queries, updating operating procedures and system optimization and troubleshooting. Supports best practices, new technologies and knowledge sharing to leverage improved functional responsiveness for the offshore Process team.

? Guides the process engineering support related to operations, commissioning and restart of offshore production gathering and treatment facilities. Coordinates team’s participation in HAZOP, HAZID, IPF, Risk Assessments and QRA reviews to manage effective Process Engineering input. Confirms Process Engineering activities are carried out in accordance with applicable HSE practices and procedures.

? Conducts reviews of process documentation including flow schemes, specifications and operating procedures.

? Delivers process studies and makes recommendations related to the offshore or onshore Assets as applicable.

? Recommends and advises optimal and safe operating windows for all product streams.

? Organizes technical reviews of environmental performance, licensing and reporting.

? Coordinates the Process Engineering Support Rotation program.

Field and Shore Process Engineering Coordination

? Builds working relationships with different internal and external parties such as operations, environmental permitting, discipline engineering, integrated service contractors, vendors and engineering specialists from co venture partners. As delegated, represents Offshore Process Engineering and the PE community to different departments and organizations.

? Responds to the different technical requirements of the Asset and offshore /onshore facilities. Manages these different relationships to achieve process engineering goals as outlined by the Offshore /Onshore Process Engineering Team Lead.

HSE Responsibilities

? Demonstrates a positive and pro-active commitment to HSE through the personal application of safety critical behaviors;

? Compliance with Republic of Kazakhstan Statutory HSE Regulations, Codes and Standards;

? Applying NCOC NV’s HSE Policies & Management System Requirements;

? Supporting/ Participating in Emergency Drills and Exercises as required;

? Reporting all Accidents/ Incidents and Unsafe Acts/ Conditions in a timely manner.

? Encourages colleagues to carry out objectives and helps break down short-term tasks for the team.

? Quality Controls the Offshore /Onshore Process Engineering work including work from indirect contractor reports (PSN-K).

? Coaches members of a diverse multi-national team with different experiences and values. Encourages the team’s professional culture based on commercial and technical transparency. Works with team to develop individual development plans for national staff. Participates in strategic planning for Process Engineering and System Integration Offshore Team.

? Guides team work practices, quality and delivery. Contributes new ideas and identifies opportunities to improve the effeciency of business processes.

? Contributes to the Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) integrating surface and subsurface engineering including supervising the Production Operations Support Centre (POSC) facilities and support contracts.

? Delegated Process Engineering accountability for Process Engineering from Team Lead. Guides the team work schedule from team lead. Executes work through others. Makes technical decisions within defined parameters for offshore process engineering using functional expertise.

? Follows Kashagan Process Engineering policy and encourages process engineering best practices, RoK Design regulation, instructions and procedures for offshore with a degree of autonomy.

? Makes technical decisions that may have a mid level impact to Asset Integrity and Process Safety.

Level I:

? Usually works with minimum supervision, conferring with superior on unusual matters;

? Maybe assisted by entry/junior or Intermediate level personnel;

? Assignment are broad in nature, usually requiring originality and ingenuity;

? Has appreciable latitude for unreviewed action or decision;

Qualification & Experience Requirements:

Level I

? Degree in Process engineering, chemistry or equivalent.

? 5 years of upstream oil and gas industry operations support experience.

? Hands on Experience of troubleshooting and improving the Process Engineering aspects of oil and gas facilities. (Candidates with only experience of providing Process Engineering support only within the development of projects will NOT meet the requirements and should not apply)

? Expertise and technical knowledge of Process Engineering, International engineering standards and best practices.

? Familiar with part of, or the entire, Project life cycle (from conceptual design through to final commissioning and handover) and/or in the front line oil and gas production operations is desirable.

? Experience of driving business improvement in engineering, key words being: technology, fit-for-purpose solutions and cost effectiveness. Experience in staff development, training, coaching or mentoring.

? Experience of working in a high concentration H2S environment. Knowledge of and familiar with issues surrounding high pressure and high content H2S facilities, and have managed staff in a similarly challenging high-risk environment. Experience of working in offshore / onshore operating environment as applicable.

? Experience of working in Ex-Soviet or hardship locations is preferred.

Advantageous Experience:

? 10-15 years of upstream oil and gas industry operations support experience.

Required Competences:

Behavioral Competences

? The ability to take responsibility for own performance, by setting clear goals, managing expectations, tracking progress against the goal and communicating progress. Delivers through people leadership.

? Ability to quickly establish relationships to ensure Process engineering processes and standards are consistently applied. Demonstrable interpersonal & communication skills. Energetic person with drive and stamina who is solution-oriented, and who can deal with a multitude of challenging issues positively. Promotes cooperation with other work units.

? Ability to influence Managers and Technical Authorities and make the case for change using economic and technical arguments. Ability to build consensus around issues with moderate impact on the asset. Ability to initiate change in the organization.

? Fluent English language skills. Ability to write and review technical documentation in English.

Technical Competences

? Experienced professional whose specialized Process Engineering skills and knowledge provide guidance to others. The ability to undertake work of moderate complexity. Have a good understanding Process Engineering Company and Industry Codes and Standards. Approaches tasks or problems by breaking them down into their component parts and considering each part in detail.

? The job requires skill in defining Process Safety Requirements.

? The job requires knowledge of Concept Development.

? The job requires skill in supporting Energy, Utilities and Water Facilities.

? The job requires skill in Process Control & Real Time Optimization.

? The job requires skill of Process Modeling and Analysis.

? The job requires knowledge as a Process Design Integrator.

? The job requires skill in Process Unit Design.

? The job requires skill in Process Unit Operations Support.

? The job requires skill in Gas Processing.

? The job requires skill in Fluid Flow and Flow Assurance.

The job requires skill in Well, Reservoir and Facilities Management (WRFM).

Working Conditions:

Atyrau 5/2

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