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Process Safety Designer - вакансия 131995

УорлиПарсонс Казахстан,ТОО

Дата обновления: 25.05.2018

Город: Уральск

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:

General Provisions

1. This Job Description identifies duties, rights and responsibilities of Process Safety Designer of WorleyParsons Kazakhstan LLP (hereinafter the ‘Company’).

2. Process Safety Designer is a categorized Specialist and can be appointed and dismissed by Company HR Order as required by applicable labour law.

3. Process Safety Designer reports directly to Lead Process Safety Engineer.

4. Process Safety Designer shall have higher education and minimum 3 years of total experience, also minimum 3 years of total industry specific experience.

5. Process Safety Designer shall be guided in his/her activities by the following:

  • legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan applicable to this job;
  • executive documents of the Company Manager;
  • internal policies and procedures, other Company’s regulations;
  • this Job Description;
  • labour and safety, industrial hygiene and fire safety norms and regulations;

6. Process Safety Designer must know:

  • RoK statutes and regulations applicable to this job;
  • possess knowledge of RoK labour and environmental protection legislation, rules and regulations for labour protection, safety, industrial hygiene and protection rules;
  • Proficient in 2D and 3D CAD capabilities on Microstation V8i;
  • Smart Plant 3D and Smart Plant Review software;
  • Microsoft Office package i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint;
  • Preferred knowledge of RoK norms and standards in fire protection/fire detection
  • In the absence of Process Safety Designer (due to business trip, annual leave and temporary disability) his duties are to be performed by a duly authorised person. This person will be granted with respective rights and responsibilities for prompt and proper work performance based on responsibilities imposed.

Job Duties

Process Safety Designer shall:

  • Prepare the following types of sketches and layouts for the areas and buildings:
    • Escape Route Layouts
    • Safety Equipment Layouts
    • Fire and Gas Layouts – ability to work in SP3D, extracting the model/setting correct scaling/selecting correct layers
    • Safety Signs Layouts
  • Interface with other design disciplines and Process Safety CAD supervisor in Farnborough office.
  • Familiar with Reference File manipulation, Cell libraries and Level Management/ Symbology within the Microstation Environment
  • Able to follow CAD Standards/Procedures/Protocols
  • Check design drawings.
  • Travel, as required, to ensure the successful execution of project goals.
  • Participate in department training programs/seminars and on-line training (as required)


Process Safety Designer has the right to:

  • refer to the management of the company with the requirements of providing organizational and technical conditions and execution of established documents, necessary for the performance of job duties, also with suggestions for improving the work related to the responsibilities as in this job instructions;
  • get acquainted with the documents that determine his rights and responsibilities for the position held, criterias for assessing the quality of performance of job duties;
  • Request personally or on behalf of the line manager from the managers of departments of the company and specialists the information and documents necessary for the performance of job duties;
  • enjoy safe and healthy working conditions.


Process Safety Designer is in charge of:

  • improper performance or failure to bear the responsibilities as specified in this Job description based on Labour Legislation of RoK requirements;
  • material damage to property within the limits established by the current RoK labour and civil legislation;
  • own work management, timely and competent fulfilment of orders, instructions and prescriptions issued by senior management, regulatory legal acts with regards to his/ her job;
  • sustainable and efficient use of material, financial and human resources;
  • compliance with internal regulatory documents, company policies and procedures, sanitary and epidemiological regime, safety rules and fire regulations;
  • maintaining the documentation as specified in the respective job descriptions;
  • timely submission of statistics and other information related to his/her activity;
  • proper and timely performance of his/her job functions Maintenance of workplace discipline, performance standards and compliance with occupational safety and health requirements.
  • integrity of company records and compliance with data privacy requirements in respect of any information received in the performance of his/her job functions.
  • compliance with internal regulatory documents, company policies and procedures.
  • prompt communication to an immediate supervisor regarding any potential or identified risks to company business.
  • in case of regulations violation the Process Safety Designer could be brought to disciplinary, material, administrative and criminal responsibility in accordance with current legislation depending on the of seriousness of violation.

Interface (networking) (if applicable)

  • Effective communication with personnel of different level of responsibility and integrated project management team.


This Job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work expected to be performed by employees within this position. The actual qualifications, duties, responsibilities, activities and deliverables may vary within the limits of the qualification (education) and position of the employee based on assignment or project and are not limited to those listed.

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