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Security Control Room Operator - вакансия 288216

Дата обновления: 04.04.2021

Город: Атырау

Зарплата: 500 000 KZT

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:

Job Purpose:

To be situationally aware, control & manage security operations and incidents/emergencies effectively and in compliance with the approved procedures and work instructions

Location: Eskene West Kazakhstan

Job Accountabilities and Responsibilities

Quality Control and Monitoring Operations

  • Conduct CCTV surveillance according to the surveillance plan to anticipate, detect and prevent any incidents, suspicious events, and emergency situations.
  • Control the quality performance of security guards and receptionists to ensure the work instructions are implemented effectively.
  • React on any electronic or mechanical alarm received according to the company procedures.
  • Be geopolitical and situational awareness of any possible threats and risks, any activities conducted on-site in the area of responsibility.
  • Report and administer all detected incidents, non-compliances, and variances according to Call-Out List and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Receive information and timely register incidents and events in the Security Incident Management System and ensure that it is consistent, precise, and followed up.

Qualification and Experience Requirements:

The job holder must have the following educational qualifications and background knowledge:

  • Minimum College degree;
  • Consolidated knowledge, experience, and understanding of Control and Monitoring systems with particular reference to Security and Emergency Control Rooms – essential.
  • Minimum two years experience in field operations at Kashagan project, or security operations at other projects – essential. Optionally, at least three years ‘in-house’ experience of security control systems monitoring and administration.
  • Knowledge and understanding of how CCTV technology system works including Video Management Applications – an advantage.
  • Knowledge and understanding of how Electronic Access Control System works – an advantage.
  • Knowledge and understanding of how security early detection systems work (Radars, Fiber Optic Systems, Extreme Long Range Thermal Imaging Systems) – an advantage.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Standard Operating Procedure principle – an advantage.
  • Experience and understanding of problem-solving techniques – an advantage.
  • Experience and understanding of emergency response process - an advantage.

Required Competences:

The following competencies are required for this post:

  • Customer Service Orientation;
  • Conflict Management, Problem Solving, Decisiveness;
  • Diplomatic, liaison, and negotiation skills;
  • Stress tolerant: able to remain calm under pressure, ability to handle multiple crises calmly and in a way that inspires others;
  • Vigilance and attention: able to concentrate on a task for long periods;
  • Internal control & integrity, self-direction, ability to work with minimum supervision and be flexible to adapt to changing situations;
  • Resilience;
  • Interpersonal skills: teamwork;
  • Oral/Written communication skills: good networker/facilitator and communicator;
  • Technical IT skills at a good level with spreadsheets, database management, MS package;
  • Time management skills;
  • Basic observation ability, training, and experience;
  • Accurate and an eye for detail (be able to scan information at high speed and assess norms/values/rules);
  • Good eye/hand coordination;
  • Good eyesight, depth perception, and not be color blind;
  • Ability to monitor various security system alarms, determine priorities, and control alarms accordingly;
  • Ability to distinguish between compliance and non-compliance on systems (meaning sound knowledge of site policies and procedures);
  • Good short-term memory.
  • Good level of English, Russian and Kazakh language ability with particular emphasis on security and oilfield technical terminology.

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