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Technical Translator (Аксай) - вакансия 244162

Дата обновления: 02.05.2020

Город: Аксай

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Текст вакансии:

Аксай 52

Жилье не предоставляется.


The Job Position of Technical Translator covers the following main functions:

1. The translation of normative-technical and project documentation, procedures, correspondence also the materials of conference, meetings, seminars etc.

2. Editing of translation.


In order to execute the assigned duties Technical Translator is obliged to:

1. To translate scientific and technical documentation, social and political, economical and the other special literature, patent specifications, normative-technical and project documentation, materials of correspondence with foreign companies, also the materials of conferences, meetings and seminars etc.

2. To perform within limited time the written and verbal, full and short translations, assuring the accurate correspondence of translations with lexical, stylistic and meaning content of originals, observance of stated requirements in relation to scientific and technical terminologies and definitions being used.

3. To edit all translations.

4. To prepare the annotation and summaries of foreign literatures and scientific-technical documentation.

5. To take part in the subject surveys of foreign materials.

6. To perform works on unification of terminologies, improvement of concepts and definitions relate to subjects of translations by appropriate spheres of economy, science and engineering, accounting and systematization of performed translations, annotations and summaries.

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